Public consultation

We held a statutory public consultation on our proposals between 1 June and 13 July 2021.

This took place in line with the requirements of the Planning Act 2008. We set out the way we will meet the requirement for projects of this type to consult with the local community in a document called a Statement of Community Consultation.

We are grateful to everyone who responded to the consultation. We will carefully consider all of the comments we receive as part of the consultation and set out how we have had regard to them in a Consultation Report. This will form part of our DCO application.

Find out more

You can find out more by:

The documents we made available during the consultation are still available here. You can find out more by:

  • Reading an information booklet we have published as part of the consultation
  • Viewing a virtual exhibition
  • Reading the Preliminary Environmental Information Report, available in the Downloads section

If you have questions, you can: