Planning Process

Longfield Solar Farm is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP). This is because of the scale of the contribution it would make to the country’s energy needs. 

This means we need to apply to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy for a Development Consent Order (DCO). 

DCO applications are managed by the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) on behalf of the Secretary of State. You can find out more about the planning process for the proposals at their website: 

Our DCO application has been accepted for Examination. There are a number of opportunities for you to get involved at this stage. 

Before the Examination 

The Application is now at the pre-examination stage. During this time, the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy will appoint an Examining Authority (the inspector, or panel of inspectors, who will carry out the Examination) and will accept relevant representations from the public.

A relevant representation is a written summary of your views on the Application. By submitting a relevant representation, you can become an Interested Party and take part in the Examination of the Application.

The period in which relevant representations are invited to be made to the Planning Inspectorate is between Thursday 14 April 2022 and Thursday 02 June 2022. Any representations (giving notice of any interest in, or objection to, the Application) must be made on the Planning Inspectorate’s Registration and Relevant Representation Form which can be accessed and completed online by following the relevant link:

Relevant representations are considered by the Examining Authority in deciding what will be considered at the Examination. 

If you require guidance on, or other methods of, obtaining and completing a Planning Inspectorate Registration and Relevant Representation Form, please telephone the Planning Inspectorate on 0303 444 5000 or e-mail

The Planning Inspectorate’s Advice Notice 8.2: How to register to participate in an Examination, provides further guidance on how to register and make a relevant representation and can be accessed by clicking this link.

Representations will be made public and will be subject to the Planning Inspectorate’s privacy policy at:

Please note that representations must be received by the Planning Inspectorate by midnight on Thursday 02 June 2022.

Further information about this stage of the planning process can be found on PINS’ website:

The Examination 

The Examination will take place over a period of six months. It is primarily a written process, which involves the Examining Authority asking participants to submit information in writing. 

There will also be a number of hearings on specific issues, as well as open floor hearings which can be attended by members of the public who have registered to take part in the Examination. 

The dates and format for these meetings will be set at a Preliminary Meeting prior to the Examination. 

Following the Examination, the Examining Authority will make a recommendation to the Secretary of State on whether to grant consent to the application within three months. 

The Secretary of Stage then has a further three months to make their decision. 

Our application 

Copies of all of our application documents are available on PINS’ website: Hard copies of the application are also available at the following deposit points:

  • Boreham Village Hall
    (opening times may vary, please contact venue to arrange access)
    Monday-Friday: 9am-12pm,
    Saturday-Sunday CLOSED
  • All Saints Church, Terling
    Monday-Sunday: 9am-4pm
  • Hatfield Peverel Library
    Monday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday – CLOSED
    Tuesday: 2pm-7pm
    Wednesday: 9am-1pm
    Saturday: 9am-5pm

Our application contains a range of documents which you may be interested in reading. This includes: 

  • the Design Statement, which sets out how we developed our Scheme 
  • the Environmental Statement, which sets out the results of our EIA and our proposed mitigations 
  • the Statement of Need, which sets out why the Scheme is necessary 
  • the Consultation Report, which sets out how we’ve had regard to consultation feedback 

If you would like a USB (memory stick) with the application documents posted to you free of charge*, please use the following contact details:


Telephone: 0800 0194 576 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday)

Post: Longfield Solar Farm Project, Freepost SEC NEWGATE UK LOCAL

*One USB per household