What is Longfield Solar Farm?

Longfield Solar Farm is a proposed new solar energy farm, co-located with battery storage. The proposals include grid infrastructure to connect Longfield Solar Farm to the National Grid and any necessary and appropriate environmental mitigation. We also need to secure development consent for infrastructure needed for building and maintaining Longfield Solar Farm such as construction compounds and site offices.

We have secured a grid connection agreement which would allow us to export or import up to 500MW of electricity to and from the National Grid. The proposed generation capacity of the scheme means it is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) – we set out more information on this on the Planning process page.

We are still at an early stage in the design process. The design of the scheme will be subject to a number of stages as we proceed through this process. These will be informed by the feedback that you give us and through the results of our environmental impact assessment activity. We will be able to provide more specific details of our proposals as the design is developed in the coming months, which will then form part of the consultation that we will undertake in 2021.

We have published more information about our proposals, the planning process and how we will assess potential environmental impacts, as part of the current consultation. You can find out more by going to our virtual public exhibition or the Public Consultation page of this website.