We have commenced landscaping works to plant new trees and hedgerows at locations around the Longfield site.

Planting trees and hedgerows at this stage allows new planting to establish at the earliest possible opportunity before construction work on our main site begins. The locations of the planting have been agreed as part of the design of Longfield Solar Farm that we submitted as part of our DCO application. 

This is the second phase of landscaping work we are carrying out, following on from early planting undertaken around the site last year.

We will be carrying out this work over a period of approximately 10 weeks, with work expected to finish by the end of March 2024. Adverse weather conditions could result in work continuing past this date.

Once the new trees and hedgerows have been planted, you may occasionally see members of the team coming back to water and monitor the planting.

These works are not expected to cause disruption.